CW Productions has been taking parties to the next level for over ten years. We have a roster of authentic musicians and professional entertainers committed to delivering a stellar performance in every and any occasion. 

Our CEO, Curtis Watts, is a drummer and is one of the best-kept secrets in the NYC party scene. He personally trains CW Productions musicians or has previously worked in big collaborations with the entertainers we bring on board for events. Curtis has performed (and continues to!) all over the world, both on stage and at private events. His experiences lead him to discover the secret sauce of ALL EPIC PARTIES — interaction and awesome live music.

CW Productions musicians and entertainers are trained to be highly-engaged and to give their 100% in every performance. We also value authenticity, especially for occasions with a cultural touch. We take the time to learn what music will resonate with the audience and find the best musicians to honor tradition when needed.

What truly sets us apart from other entertainment companies is our PASSION. 

Passion for outstanding music. Passion for bringing happiness to the crowd. Passion for giving a high-energy performance that’s guaranteed to make everyone get on the dance floor and dance.

We like to be where the guests are. We let them sing with us, dance with us, drum with us — we do whatever it takes!


Curtis Watts has been on the Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, World Beat and Jazz scene in New York City for many years. A native New Yorker, he’s had the opportunity to employ every angle of his experiences and influence to develop one of the most innovative sounds of any composer, entertainer, and drummer in the modern world of today.

Curtis Watts’ credentials extend far beyond the norm with collaborations with such artists as Vernon Reid & Masque band with their debut CD, Mistaken Identity, on Sony Epic Records. He remixed Mick Jagger’s debut single Sweet Thing with Anton Pukshanski on his solo CD. He also remixed Living Coulor’s single with his group SSL, Smokin’ Suckaz wit Logic, which was the first major hip hop band with an all live band and a DJ to be signed to a major label in 1993. His R&B band, Sample This, also took the tri-state area by storm. Curtis also performed a live duet recording with jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan and drummed on Lloyd Cole’s third CD bad vibes on Capital Records. He recorded and performed unlimited Songs from the Jimi Hendrix catalog for today’s contemporary audience with guitarist Vernon Reid and played drums on Salif Keita’s CD Papa, which won a Grammy award. The songs from the CD PAPA are in the blockbuster movie Ali starring Will Smith.

Curtis Watts has performed, as well as shared the stage with Pharell, Stevie Wonder, Santana, Terry Bozio of the Frank Zapper Band, Jaco Pastorius with Delmar Brown, Ozomati, Pharaoh Sanders, Roy Ayers, members from the hit group Gypsy kings, Trilok Gurtu, Salif Keita, Hip Hop producer Prince Paul, DJ Logic project, Groove Collective, and Ciro Baptista.