The music a percussion and sax make is a real show stopper. Or a show starter perhaps? All we know is that when these two come together, you have no choice but to get up on your feet and dance. Whether you want a percussion and saxophone quartet on stage or two solo musicians jamming it out on the dance floor, we have the perfect ensemble for you.


You’ll be surprised at the range of music a violinist and drummer can make. This dynamic duo is an exciting addition to any party, usually along with the DJ. Together, they give the recorded music or DJ mix extra layers of fun that your guests won’t forget.


A natural pair and an incredible one at that! Complete the bombastic sound of our Hi-Voltage Samba Band with the high-energy moves of authentic Brazilian Dancers. Perfect for milestone birthdays, mitzvahs, product launches, corporate events, and everything in between.


A true party package, you can’t go wrong with a drummer and dancers! Depending on your event or celebration, you can choose between Brazilian dancers, belly dancers, costumed dancers, LED dancers, or even West African dancers.


Everybody loves a good DJ but when you want more dance floor action, a drummer on the ground can take your party to new heights. This interactive combo has transformed countless celebrations and events.


We know you’re curious. Our musician combos have done well in many types of events including weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, corporate launches, and even in special events in NYC’s best nightclubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many combinations of musicians can i hire?

That’s totally up to you! In our experience, the most combinations we had for one event is four: a drummer, a violinist, a saxophonist, and a DJ. You are also welcome to hire two to three types of bands for an event. For one wedding, our pop band, a jazz band, and West African musical group performed at different stages of the night. It was safe to say that the guests were entertained!

what's the most unique musician combo you offer?

Our most intersting musician combo is actually a band — the CWP Hybrid All-Star Band. It’s a powerhouse of three sax players, two sets of percussions, a world-class DJ, an electric violinist, and a solo singer. This unique ensemble covers a wide range of genre and musical styles, and delivers a concert-like performance that your guests will surely talk about for days. You can learn more about them here.

How much does a musician combo cost?

The cost of hiring a combination of musicians band depends on many factors including the date, location, length of event, equipment needed, and of course, the kind of musicians. The easiest way to figure out how much it would cost to a specific type of entertainer for your event is to talk to us. Fill out our contact form for a free quote!