Walk the aisle to the tune of your favourite love songs on violin. Our talented violin players can cover just about any song whether that’s pop, rock, or an old jazz classic. A solo musician or a string trio can also play music for the cocktail hour and later on at the party after dinner. 

Not getting married yet? We can also create the perfect atmosphere for when you go down on one knee! Here’s an example.


Whether you are celebrating a big birthday, a milestone anniversary, a new home, or a big promotion, nothing spells special better than a violinist for entertainment. Our musicians can play both acoustic and electric violins and can learn your favourite song for you.


Match the tenor of your big product launch, fund raiser, awards night, and other corporate events with some classical music from our solo violinists or string trio. We can also play contemporary music and today’s most popular songs on violin!

Experience Our Violinists

CWP’s Sarah at a wedding

Susan A.

Ed. Sheeran Perfect on Violin – Proposal – CWP Violinist Allie May

Uptown Funk on Violin – Wedding Reception – CWP Violinist Allie May

Meet Our Violinists

Allie Mae

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a violinist for our event?

There are many factors that affect the rate a violinist could charge for performing at your event. First is their level of experience. Most professional violinists charge between $150-500. On top of this, the musician also needs to factor in the length of the event, the location, and other requirements like the equipment. There could also be an additional charge if you need them to learn a specific piece of music for your event. To get a realistic quote, the best thing to do is to contact us being filling out this contact form.

Although it can seem costly, the end results more than justify for it! Moroever, the violinists you will find on CW Productions are not only talented… they are also total pros at event entertainment and have years of experience playing the violin at weddings and other functions. 

What's the difference between an acoustic violin and an electric violin?

The key differences between an acoustic violin and an electric violin are their sound, amplifcation, and structure.  

An acoustic violin has a deeper sound and timbre than an electric violin. It is used in orchestras and is best for playing classical music but of course, they can also be used for playing rock, pop, dance, even hip hop music. If you are a fan of the Netflix series Bridgerton, you know how beautiful violin song covers can be!

On the other hand, the electric violin has a more synthetic sound that may be more apt for playing a lot of today’s popular songs. However it comes with various settings for producing the effects needed for a piece of music. It may not produce exactly the same kind of sound as an acoustic violin but it can still be used to perform classical music in an excellent way.  

Another difference is their amplification. An acoustic violin doesn’t always need an amplifier, especially if the venue is small. A violinist can play their acoustic violin without any other equipment for a small private dinner or even a wedding proposal outdoors. However, an electric violin will always need an amplifier.

The violinists you’ll find here on CW Productions are skilled in using both instruments. Moreover, they have both classical and contemporary music in their repetoire. They are also open to learning specific songs for your event! Just make sure to book them early to give them time to learn them.