what types of events do you perform at?

Your dream event? We perform at it! Typical events that we perform at are weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, birthday parties, and grand openings, but the list doesn’t stop there. A lot of our business is repeat business, and we’re honored to play at our clients’ special events that are also not in that “general list.” Our rule of thumb is this: we bring premier live entertainment to all special events. If you need entertainment that will leave your guests speechless, call us!

why can't you provide pricing on the website?

We actually consider that a huge bonus for our clients. Here’s the reason why — if all of our packages were standard, we wouldn’t be able to provide the quality of entertainers that we have, and all of our events would look really similar. We pride ourselves in matching entertainment to our clients’ needs. What one bride may want in a full band will not look the same for another bride looking for the same thing! That’s why it’s imperative to know the overall details of what you’re looking to accomplish with your event so that we can quote you appropriately.

i've already hired a dj for my event. But i'm worried that I still won't have a lot of people on the dance floor...

We hear this concern A LOT. No worries! While we have our own amazing DJs, we also work with a lot of clients who have already hired their own DJs and are still concerned with getting people on the dance floor for their party. We have several solutions? Percussionists. Saxophones. Dancers. Electric Violins. You name it, we’ve got you covered!

where do you perform?

We mainly  perform and provide entertainment services in the Tri-State area, but we are based in New York City. However, we’ve performed as far as Arizona, Florida, and Texas, too. So the answer is, anywhere where are clients want to hire us! We charge minor travel fees outside of the New York area depending on the type of equipment we need to bring with us. And of course, if plane arrangements are required, those are also part of the fees.

what about the extras? lighting, sound production...

CW Productions is a full-service entertainment production company. If you hire a band, we also can quote you lighting and sound production to accommodate the number of members in that band. If you need an LED Dancer, we can also quote and provide you a CO2 machine. The sky is the limit here, and we want you to be happy  — especially in the form of not having to call a bunch of companies to add on a bunch of services!