CWP and High Voltage Samba took our annual fundraiser to a new level. They energized our crowd with their music and beautiful dancers! CWP was incredibly accommodating and professional during the booking process and at the event – it was so nice not to have to worry about this aspect of the event planning! Everyone in the group threw their all into the performance, which was amazing! Thank you!.”

Amy T., School fundraiser & auction in NYC

I had a hard time finding the right percussionist for my event. We needed someone with the right energy for an important client’s upbeat, opening event. I’d known Curtis from friends in New York, as he created the idea of what that percussionist does in New York City today. The energetic, bombastic, Curtis Watts, CEO of CW Productions, was exactly what this high-end crowd needed. I had no expectations of him being available for our event when I originally reached out, as the event was on a tight deadline, to begin with. However, I told Curtis how important it was, and he did EVERYTHING he could to work with us. Low and behold, he showed up not a second late and got the party going immediately. Considering it was a hectic night for the company, Curtis stole the attention of the crowd during, before, and after we were putting on the show. By the end of the party, he had guests following him out the door, begging for pictures (he looked sharp). Thank you, Curtis. He, and his company, will not only be on the top of my list for future events, they will be on the list for any party I throw again. Hope to touch base soon, Curtis! Again, THANK YOU!

Kayla, Premier opening/release party in NYC