Moving People Through Music
February 05, 2019
by CWP team
Moving People Through Music

Passion gives us a purpose that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. Passion is what drives us to surpass those obstacles that we face along the way. Regardless of the hurdles in our path, we do what we do and carry on.

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”


And this is what drives Curtis, as a music man, producer, composer and recording artist. He is not just passionate about creating good music —he is also passionate about sharing his positivity in life.

It is undeniably visible in the all his performances. He frequently performs at Bagatelle NYC. Curtis’ loves the crowd that resonates with his energy and dances with the vibe that he constantly brings. When the audience starts to swarm and move to the groove, his powerful drumming sends an energy to the crowd that bonds them to the band, to the host, to one another.

With his own Samba band and Jazz quartet, and having performed in various private functions and popular clubs, his diverse repertoire has made him take his passion to another level. He had produced albums for fellow hip-hop artists, had numerous collabs, recorded with rock icons, and of course, recorded his very own music.

We know that there is more to the beat of the drums and percussions that he plays, and that is life. And when there is life, change can always be initiated. And that’s what he’s aiming for with every performance –to move people. Curtis wants to change people’s lives through his music –even if for a night.

As a musician for hire and an independent performer, Curtis’ purpose is not just to bring life to the crowd that he plays for through his breath-taking performances but is also tocreate an impact. And that impact that would be an impetus to get his fellow musicians, supporters, and spectators to clamor for a passion-driven artist like Curtis. So if you haven’t already watched him perform, think twice. You would be missing a lot.

If there is someone who knows how to break down barriers between audience and performer… someone to bring that energy…that life to your event… Curtis is your guy!

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