Think back on the best wedding receptions, birthday parties, events, or company parties that you’ve been to. What do they have in common? Apart from the overflowing food and drinks, we’d bet that you had such a good time because there was live music. 

Music in general makes you happy. Listening to tunes you love releases happy hormones in your brain, instantly making you feel better. However, how you listen to music creates an even bigger impact. Recorded music is great for everyday. But when you really want to move people, live music is the way. Even Colorado State University hires a live band for the seniors that come in to do Parkinson’s therapy! Here are a few more reasons why you should choose live music for your next event:


1. Live music is more danceable.

You might think that a hit is a hit no matter what. And that’s somewhat true. But it’s also true that the live rendition of your favorite dance song is easier to dance to. Why? Because live musicians can adapt the rhythm to the crowd dancing around them. Being present lets musicians observe the energy and movements of the guests allowing them to make necessary adjustments. They know when the crowd is getting bored and needs to be hyped up. At the same time, live performers can also read a room and know when it’s time to switch to something more mellow.  


2. It makes you feel better.

There are studies that show that 20 minutes of a live music performance can increase feelings of well-being by 21%. Live gigs also create a sense of connection — another reason why people love going to concerts! Using live music for your event creates a similar atmosphere as a concert or a gig at your favorite bar, making you and your guests feel giddy with excitement, social, and more bonded, too.


3. Live musicians are more engaging.

Blasting your favorite music on the dance floor is fun but it can also feel a bit impersonal. Your guests won’t be able to directly interact with the recorded music, can they? The great thing about hiring live musicians is that they can engage your audience from the stage or right there on the dance floor. Our drummers and saxophonists often perform on the dance floor or move around the venue to get guests to dance. Our Brazilian dancers are great at this too and they sometimes start impromptu dance-offs between guests! 


4. It just feels more special.

We have access to a massive range of recorded music that we can listen to every day. We can listen to our favorite songs anytime — while working out, driving, on the bus, etc. It still makes us feel good but it’s not exactly special anymore. For a big life celebration, you’d want the entertainment to feel like a treat. Something you don’t get to have every day. Live music has a special way of making a celebration feel special.


5. It’s a conversation starter

Good music bonds people. More so if they’re watching it performed live! Live music is a sure way to bring your guests, friends, or family together. Good entertainment will also give your guests something to talk about even after the night is over! So if you’re looking for a way to be memorable, live music is it!


How to choose live music for your event

Not sure what kind of live music is right for your event? We got you. One of the great things about choosing live music is that you can customize it for your celebration. You have the option to hire a solo musician, a band, or a combination of musicians. You don’t have to be stuck with one band for the entire night — you can hire different talents for different parts of your party or event. Here are a few ideas:


Violinist + Percussionist

This combination of musicians is great for events that need to start slow and mellow but need a more energetic type of entertainment later on. For instance, at wedding receptions, the violinist (traditional or electric) can play during cocktails then the percussionist can take over once the party begins. During dinner, a band can play on stage or the DJ can play music.


Percussionist + Saxophonist

Sax and drums on the dance floor can start one heck of a party. Our percussionist and saxophonist have performed together in countless events, often along with the DJ. It’s pretty amazing what these two instruments can do together when covering today’s best party music. This combination of musicians offers such a dynamic form of entertainment that guests can’t help but join them on the dance floor. You can also take it up a notch and add a violinist into the mix! See our drummer, sax, and string trio here.


Percussionist + Dancers

If you’re looking for upbeat entertainment that leaves no room for dull moments throughout your event, you can’t go wrong with a percussionist and some dancers. For celebrations with an African theme, this can be in the form of the percussionist playing the Djembe and a few dancers who are trained in genuine West African dance. If you’re going for an upscale party feel, your drummer can be accompanied by Brazilian dancers or even costumed dancers!


Samba Band + Brazilian Dancers

These two just belong together. If you want your event to be unforgettable, you can’t go wrong with a Samba Band and Brazilian Dancers. Of course, it’s possible to hire only the bateria or Samba Band but we think it’s a missed opportunity to make an impression if you leave out the Brazilian Dancers.


Solo Guitarist

For more intimate gatherings, a solo guitarist could be the perfect entertainer. Acoustic music is great for a variety of venues including garden weddings, Barnhouse receptions, birthday parties, or anniversary celebrations in restaurants, and the list goes on. Plenty of guitarists sing, too, or you could also hire a singer with your guitarist.



For black tie dinners, fundraisers, private parties, or wedding receptions in a more formal setting, a Harpist is one of your best options. There is a wide range of music that can be played on the harp, including contemporary music. You can check out the page of one of our musicians, Erin Hill, to see what we mean!


String Trio

String musicians like violinists, harpists, and cellists (or all of them combined) are terrific at playing wedding music. They could do the bridal march, cocktail hours, and even play some dance music — remember Bridgerton? Strings instantly upgrade the usual pop fare and make it more enjoyable for a wider range of audiences. But if contemporary isn’t your thing, a string trio can also play classical music and would be a great choice for various black tie events.

Another option is electric violinists. You can either hire a solo electric violinist or a trio. To make their performance even more dynamic, pair them with a sax player. You’ll be amazed at what this combination of musicians can do. 


Plan your event entertainment with CW Productions

We know these options are still a bit dizzying but at least now, you have an idea of how fabulous your celebration can be with live music. If you want to see our musicians in action, you can browse through the different events we’ve performed at here. And if you have questions, don’t be shy about leaving your number in contact form so we can reach out to you!

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