On your wedding day, every detail contributes to the once-in-a-lifetime magic. Amidst the meticulous planning of decor, attire, and menu, the choice of music for your ceremony stands as a pivotal element.

The selection of your ceremony music offers a chance to infuse your special day with a personal touch, setting the tone for the entire celebration. Whether your heart beats to classical rhythms or modern melodies, the chosen music should be a reflection of your unique love story, resonating with both you and your guests.

In this guide, we delve into the art of selecting the perfect soundtrack for your wedding ceremony. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of classical compositions or the contemporary embrace of modern hits, we’ve got you covered.

Wedding Ceremony Music Arrangement

Here’s a romantic way to think about it: the wedding ceremony is a symphony of moments, and so each note must be carefully chosen to resonate with your love story. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements and where music finds its place. 



A prelude sets the tone, welcoming guests as they arrive. It’s the overture to your ceremony, a musical invitation for your guests to start the journey with you. 

How long is a typical prelude? Most preludes lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes. This provides a graceful window for guests to gather and settle in before the ceremony begins.

Depending on the length of your prelude, you’ll want to prepare a selection of 3 to 6 songs. These pieces can range from serene and contemplative to lively and inviting. This is the perfect time for your carefully crafted playlist of instrumental music, whether classic or contemporary. If you’re choosing for live music, a string quartet or a solo violinist can fill this moment quite nicely. 


Bridal Processional

The processional marks the beginning of the ceremony. This is when the bridal party, family, and the bride make their grand entrance. It is a pivotal moment when all eyes turn towards the wedding party, especially the bride who’s walking down the aisle towards her partner and a new chapter of their lives. 

For the wedding processional music, you may choose between traditional bridal marches or contemporary songs that hold special meaning to you as a couple. The sweet and heartfelt melodies of classical compositions like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” or Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” are timeless choices that can add a touch of elegance and anticipation to your ceremony.

On the other hand, if you’re a couple with a modern flair, perhaps an instrumental version of a popular song or a string quartet rendition of a favorite tune could be the ideal choice to showcase your unique style. Some tear-jerking popular modern wedding processional songs include Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, Marry You by Bruno Mars, All of Me by John Legend, and Marry Me by Train.

Looking for wedding entrance songs? Here’s our guide for choosing the right one for you.


Exchange of Vows

The exchange of vows is the heartbeat of the ceremony. It’s a moment charged with emotion. Remember to choose music that complements the intimacy of this moment. Consider soul-stirring ballads or gentle melodies that enhance the depth of your vows. Also, bear in mind that the volume of the music must be soft enough to let the guests hear your words.


Ring Exchange

The exchange of rings is a powerful symbol of eternal love and commitment. The music accompanying this moment should reflect the significance of the exchange. Opt for pieces that build anticipation and celebrate the union. Upbeat classical compositions or heartfelt modern songs can beautifully enhance this part of the ceremony.



As you joyfully make your exit as a newlywed couple, the wedding recessional marks the celebratory conclusion of the ceremony. Choose recessional songs that exude joy and celebration. Consider cheerful pieces like Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” or a modern favorite that captures the elation of the moment.



Postludes play as guests depart. If your ceremony and reception are in the same location, the postludes will play an important part in helping guests transition from one part of the day to the other. Postlude songs can be more uplifting, sending guests off on a musical high note.


Types of Ceremony Music

When it comes to music selections for your wedding ceremony, the options are vast. Here are the key types of music to consider:


Traditional Classical Music

Classical pieces evoke a sense of timeless elegance, setting a refined tone for your ceremony. The rich harmonies and graceful melodies have been adorning weddings for generations. Consider classics like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” for the processional, or Bach’s “Air on the G String” for moments of reflection. These pieces resonate with a sense of tradition and grace.


Contemporary or Popular Music

Modern songs have the power to infuse your ceremony with personal meaning. They can capture your unique story, creating a soundtrack that’s distinctly yours. Perhaps there’s a special song that holds a place in your hearts, or a contemporary ballad that beautifully encapsulates your journey. From Ed Sheeran’s Perfect to Christina Perri’s Thousand Years, the options for modern wedding ceremony songs are endless.


Cultural and Ethnic Music

Incorporating music from your cultural background adds a profound layer of meaning to your ceremony — it can be an ode to your heritage. It’s a beautiful way to pay tribute to your heritage and the traditions that shape your love story. From the soulful tunes of a traditional Jewish wedding to the rhythmic beats of a vibrant Hindu celebration, cultural music rings with a unique depth of emotion. You can also consider Celtic melodies or Spanish guitars for a touch of Old World charm.


Acoustic or Live Performances

Ceremony musicians bring a palpable energy to your wedding day. The raw, unfiltered sound of instruments like the acoustic guitar or the emotive music of a string duo can elevate the atmosphere to a whole new level.

The acoustic guitar exudes warmth and intimacy, while a string quartet lends an air of sophistication. Consider how live performances can enhance the emotional resonance of your ceremony. Whether you’re having a church wedding or an outdoor wedding, there is the right musician for your ceremony.


Custom Compositions

Commissioning or arranging a special piece for your ceremony allows you to weave your unique love story into the very fabric of your wedding. A custom composition ensures that your ceremony stands apart plus, it becomes a timeless keepsake, a musical piece that is yours alone.


Selecting the Right Ceremony Musicians

Choosing the right wedding musicians who will breathe life into your ceremony is a pivotal decision. Here are the key considerations to guide you:


Soloists vs. Ensembles

A solo musician carries a distinct intimacy, weaving their music directly into the emotions of the moment. A solo violinist, guitarist, or harpist is perfect for low-key moments of the ceremony like the prelude. Or if you’re having an intimate ceremony in a small venue with few guests, a solo musician is perfect for the entire wedding from start to finish.

On the other hand, ensembles offer a different kind of energy, creating a lush, multi-layered experience. They bring a grandeur and complexity that can elevate the entire atmosphere making them perfect for the wedding entrance and the recessional. A bigger wedding might also require an ensemble or a full band to fill the space with music.

Here’s where they are the same: all live performers whether they are solo musicians, ensembles, or full bands, can form a deep connection with the audience. That’s what truly sets them apart from recorded music.

When choosing musicians for your ceremony, always consider the size and style of your wedding location. A soloist may be perfectly suited for an intimate garden setting or a civil ceremony, while an ensemble may fill a larger, more expansive space with resonant melodies.


Instrument Selection

Instruments and Their Emotional Resonance – Different instruments evoke different emotions. The soft strings of a violin can stir romance, while the vibrant notes of a trumpet can herald a joyful celebration.

Suitability for Music Styles – Consider the style of music you’ve chosen. Your song selection could dictate the kind of wedding musicians you’d want to hire. For classical compositions, strings or piano may be ideal. If you’re leaning towards a folk-inspired ceremony, an acoustic guitar could be the perfect choice.

Setting the Atmosphere – Think about the atmosphere you want to create. Do you envision a serene and contemplative ambiance, or a lively and celebratory one? The choice of instruments plays a pivotal role. 


Working with Your Wedding Musician

Every successful wedding can be traced back to the happy couple having a harmonious connection with their vendors — wedding entertainers included. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Effective Communication – Open and clear communication with your chosen musicians is essential. Share your vision, preferences, and any specific pieces you have in mind. This dialogue ensures that the music echoes your one-of-a-kind love story.

Working Toward a Shared Vision – Collaboration allows the musicians to understand the nuances of your ceremony. Let them know what will truly make the day special for you. It enables them to infuse their performance with the emotion and sentiment that aligns perfectly with your moment.

Rehearsals and Coordination – Schedule a rehearsal, if possible, to walk through the ceremony with the musicians. This ensures that timing and cues are seamless, creating a harmonious flow on the day.

Your wedding day is a mosaic of moments, each one etching a memory to last a lifetime. The music you choose for your ceremony is more than a melody—it’s the heartbeat of your special day.

Whether your style leans toward classical grace or upbeat modern pop, or your wedding is intimate or grand, your unique love story deserves a soundtrack that celebrates who you are as a couple. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration or if you need help finding the perfect musicians for your celebration, simply fill out the form below for a personalized quote.

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