Planning an event for the holidays? Whether it’s a corporate Christmas party, a family reunion, or a private party among friends, music is central to any good get-together. These entertainment ideas are sure to make your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties the highlight of your guests’ year.   

Samba band with Brazilian dancers

Watch the room’s energy go from 0 to 100 when a samba band starts beating on their gigantic drums. In a minute, authentic Brazilian dancers in glittering costumes and fabulous headdresses come marching in, marking the start of a great night. We’ve seen this happen each time our Hi-Voltage Samba Band performs at any event. 

A samba band is a musical ensemble that consists of 4-5 kinds of drums and the band leader usually has a whistle to break up the sets. In some instances, a samba band will have a guitar and trumpet player. In Brazil, vocalists are necessary to perform traditional Brazilian samba music.  

The CW Productions Hi-Voltage Sambe Band with Brazilian dancers is a great entertainment option for large corporate parties held in spacious venues. The full band is composed of 4-6 members and up to 5 dancers can join them. For smaller parties in bars and clubs, you can hire a percussionist and one or two dancers to get everyone into the dance floor. 

Belly dancers

If you’re looking for entertainment to break up a long sit-down dinner, belly dancers are a great intermission. Belly dancing is an Egyptian social dance (and one of the oldest forms of dance in the world) that is endlessly mesmerizing to watch. A typical belly dancing routine involves staccato, fluid, and shimmying movements that will leave your guests spellbound the entire time.   

While belly dancers can dance to recorded music, they are best hired along with a percussionist or drummer. The duo can walk around the tables while performing, making sure everyone gets to enjoy the entertainment. The dance can include a sword balancing act that can truly make the night a memorable one.


The next best thing to having a celebrity at your party? Having someone who looks like them! Pop star impersonators are such fun at events. The makeup, the outfit, and mannerisms… these performers go all in showing up as their characters. 

Our Michael Jackson impersonator has all the dance moves and impeccable lip-syncing skills that will take you back to his heyday. He has performed at weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties, wowing the crowd each time. 

Cover/tribute band

Hosting a decade-specific themed party? Take your guests back to the 80s, 90s, or whatever era you choose with a tribute or cover band! Tribute bands specialize in one particular band’s musical style and even dress like the original band members. Cover bands on the other hand are talented at replicating a wide range of musical styles and can give justice to most top bands’ best hits.

Let the band you’re hiring know about your theme so they can prepare an appropriate set list and costumes for the night. It will be like treating everyone to a concert!

DJ, LED dancer, drummer, and sax combo

Turn any venue into a high-end NYC club with a combination of  DJ, LED dancer, and drummer. This high-energy combo of musicians is a staple at many popular bars and clubs across the city, including Bagatelle. And now, you can have this entertainment for your party! 

CW Productions’ Mirrorman has the most elaborate costumes. We have seen him transform into hundreds of fantastic characters over the years! It doesn’t matter what theme your holiday party is, Mirrorman has the perfect glittery persona for it. 

Holiday entertainment from CW Productions 

Everybody deserves a good party. Especially after such a hard year. CW Productions is an expert at parties and event entertainment. Our artists have performed at hundreds of parties so you can trust us when we say we know a thing or two about making sure you have an incredible night.

Let us know what you have in mind for your office Christmas party, family reunion over the holidays, or private party with friends on New Year’s, and we’ll help you plan the best possible entertainment for the night. Just fill out our form below and we’ll call you in 48 hours.

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