After the wedding ceremony, then it’s time for you to make your first grand entrance as a married couple. Thinking of ways to make it memorable? These wedding reception entrance ideas will impress your guests and get the party started!

1. Light it up

With glowsticks that is. Before your entrance, have your planner hand out glowsticks and LED bracelets to guests and give them instructions to dance to your entrance song and wave them around. Not only will your family and friends have fun participating in your entrance, but all the glowsticks and LED lights will also make the venue feel magical! And have we told you that this would look good on video? 

Take it to the next level: Let a LED dancer lead your entrance. When the doors open, everyone will be expecting your wedding entourage but will see the costumed dancer all lit up in flashing lights instead. The surprise factor will wow your guests and they will be hyped up when you finally come through the doors.


2. Turn it into a parade

Take cues from the Rio Carnival and turn your bridal party entrance into a parade. This works especially well if you have a large entourage or plan to include your immediate family members in your entrance. A Brazilian samba band can play the perfect beat for you to dance your way into the reception. It’s fun, easy (you don’t really have to learn choreography because you would just dance as you please!), and high energy.

Take it to the next level: Complete your parade with authentic Brazilian dancers! Their festive costumes and megawatt performance will have you and everyone in the room party-ready. 


3. Celebrate your heritage

If you’re looking for a way to bring your unique culture to the wedding reception, the entrance is a good time to do it. Walk into the venue to music that’s played at traditional weddings in your home country. Or have a vocalist serenade you with a popular love song in your mother tongue or a folk song that’s suitable for the occasion.

Take it to the next level: Kick off your reception with a folk dance. Either have you and your bridal party perform the dance or hire professional dancers. CW Productions has an African Group that can perform authentic songs and dances for special occasions like weddings.


4. With masks on

Turn your entrance into a fun guessing game by having your entire wedding party wear full face masks in different characters when walking in. After each person gets through the door, they strike pose for the big reveal. To make it even more fun, you can stick to a theme and choose characters from your favorite movies, series, anime, etc. You can also choose between rubber character masks or huge cardboard cutouts of heads.

Take it to the next level: Hire a sax and drums combo to provide the perfect tempo for each character’s entrance. The live sax and drums will complement the music by the DJ perfectly and make the entrance more engaging for both the guests and the wedding party.

If you choose not to hire live musicians, make sure you have a professional DJ. A seasoned wedding DJ can help you choose upbeat wedding entrance songs and time the music perfectly with the face reveal.


5. As your favorite fairy tale couple

If low-key and romantic is more your vibe, then a fairy tale entrance could be more up your alley. Walk into the reception to your favorite Disney song after a short video presentation of how you met or a same-day edit of your wedding prep and ceremony. 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, then you can have your bridesmaids and groomsmen line up with sparklers or walk in with one! Just make sure to check with your venue first. Alternatively, you can do a confetti drop or have the flower girls scatter flowers ahead of you, just like during the ceremony!

Take it to the next level: Disney songs sound more romantic on violins! Consider hiring a violinist or a string trio to play your favorite Disney song for your entrance. Trust us, the room will be filled with teary eyes and romantic sighs from your guests.


Frequently asked questions about wedding reception entrances

Who gets introduced first during the wedding party entrance?

Traditionally, the groom’s family walks in first followed by the bride’s family. Next, to be introduced are the groomsmen with the Best Man walking last. Then flower girls, the bridesmaids, and the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor. Alternatively, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor can walk in together. Finally, when all of the entourage has come in, the MC or DJ can introduce the newlyweds.

Introductions for each member of the bridal party don’t have to be long at all. Keep it short and sweet, and maybe even funny.

How long does the wedding party entrance usually last?

The couple’s entrance usually lasts between 5-10 minutes. That includes the introduction of the entire entourage and the parents of the couple. The wedding entrance ideas we shared above will fit this time frame perfectly. You might even have some extra time to take on the dance floor or give a little speech to thank the guests. 

Can I hire live musicians just for the entrance?

Live music can make the evening memorable for everyone, even if it is played only for part of the night. Most musicians charge by the hour and entertainment companies like ours offer packages to suit every need. So yes, you can hire a band, solo musicians, vocalists, and dancers just for your reception entrance! 


Plan your wedding party entrance with CW Productions

CW Productions has been in the business of providing party entertainment for more than a decade. Our founder, Curtis Watts, has performed at hundreds of weddings over the years, first as a solo percussionist and then, later on collaborating with the best musicians in NYC. This is why when it comes to providing entertainment for special events like weddings, we draw from experience. Moreover, the musicians and various performers that you’ll find on CW Productions all are vetted by Curtis and other industry pros.

If you’re looking for the perfect entertainment for your wedding day, we can make that happen for you! We have 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and Google! See what our clients (some of them we’ve been working with for years!) say about CW Productions here and here.

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