When it comes to planning the entertainment for your wedding or any event, you might find yourself struggling to decide between a live wedding band or a DJ. But what if there was a third option that combines the best of both worlds? Enter the DJ, Sax, and Drums trio, a versatile ensemble that can take your wedding day to the next level. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring this trio for your next event.

A wider musical selection

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a DJ, Sax, and Drums trio is the wide range of musical genres and styles they can cover. While a band may be limited to the specific songs they know how to play, a DJ trio can mix and match different tracks from various artists and genres, seamlessly transitioning from one song to another. The inclusion of a saxophone and percussion adds a unique and dynamic touch to the music, creating a richer and more layered sound that will keep your wedding guests on their feet all night.

Dynamic entertainment

With a DJ, Sax, and Drums trio, you’re not just getting great music, but also a dynamic and engaging performance. The trio can improvise and interact with the crowd, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere that will make your event unforgettable. The sax player can play soulful solos that will captivate your guests, while the drummer can add rhythmic beats that will get everyone dancing. Meanwhile, the DJ will seamlessly blend different tracks together, creating a one-of-a-kind musical experience that you and your guests are sure to remember.


Another advantage of hiring a DJ with a saxophonist and drummer is their flexibility. They can adapt to any event, from a small and intimate wedding to a large and extravagant corporate party. They can adjust their playlist to match the tone and atmosphere of different parts of your night, moving from a relaxed and mellow vibe during dinner to a high-energy dance party afterward. The trio can also accommodate any special requests or preferences you may have, making sure that your event is tailored to your exact specifications.

Better engagement

Finally, hiring this fantastic trio can truly get all of your guests onto the dance floor! Their interactive performance will keep everyone engaged and excited, creating a sense of connection among your guests. The inclusion of live instruments also adds a level of authenticity and depth to the music that can’t be matched by a pre-recorded playlist. Your guests will appreciate the unique and memorable experience that a DJ, Sax, and Drums trio can provide, making your wedding reception stand out from the rest.

Hire a DJ, Sax, and Drums Trio from CW Productions

If you’re looking for unique and versatile musical entertainment for your wedding or any event, you should definitely consider hiring a DJ, Sax, and Drums trio. At CW Productions, each member of our trio is a seasoned wedding entertainer with plenty of experience in handling wedding receptions. Our professional wedding DJs go beyond just playing dance tracks, while our talented saxophonists have years of playing live in various venues. Lastly, our trio is made complete by our very own Curtis Watts — the founder of CW Productions and a well-known drummer in New York City’s party scene. 

Do you have questions about hiring a DJ, Sax, and Drums trio? Book a consult call and we’ll be happy to help you craft the perfect wedding entertainment package. Looking for other entertainment options? You can check out more wedding entertainment options here.

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