As COVID-19 restrictions lift in some parts of the country, engaged couples are becoming more confident about planning their future nuptials. However, with social distancing measures (along with the economic downturn and travel restrictions) still in place, possibly through the rest of the year as recommended by the CDC, couples who are dreaming of a grand wedding post-pandemic are reassessing their big day aspirations.

Looks like 2020 (and 2021!) will be the year of intimate weddings — which is not a bad thing.


Intimate Wedding Ideas

Even in the years before the pandemic, the small wedding trend was gaining traction for various reasons. However, a small wedding is not always an easy option for some couples, especially if they come from big families or have many close friends that they would like to witness their union.

If you are on the fence about embracing an intimate wedding ceremony and reception, but ultimately unwilling to wait out the pandemic before getting married, we have some beautiful ideas for you!


Post-Covid Small Wedding Ideas

Prettify your screens

The unique aspect of small unique wedding ideas has truly changed in the wake of coronavirus. For instance, screens are now a fixture in these small celebrations, especially if couples have families or friends living in another state or overseas.

One thing you can do to make the addition of a laptop in your wedding ceremony less unsightly is to turn it into a fanfare. Set the laptop (or whichever screen you choose) on a table surrounded with flowers or other decorations that go along with the rest of your theme.

Ditch the chairs

The recommendation for group gatherings is ten people or less. Would it be worth it to rent expensive chairs for such a small group of people attending the wedding ceremony? So we say, forgo the chairs for the ceremony and create a more intimate atmosphere by having your guests and witnesses stand up. Most ceremonies are less than an hour-long so nobody’s feet are going to hurt!

Make use of your living room

No yard? No problem! With some ingenuity, you can turn your living room into the perfect wedding venue. Best of all, this venue is weatherproof! That’s one less thing to worry about. Holding your wedding ceremony inside your home also eliminates the task of having to drag out your electronics in case you have Zoom attendees.

A smaller wedding band

What is a wedding without music? If you’re starting to think that live musicians are out of the question, we have some good news for you. Your wedding entertainer doesn’t have to be a big band!

It is possible to hire a smaller group of musicians like a jazz trio or quartet, or perhaps a guitarist and a solo singer. A solo violinist can be an option too! A live musician or a trio of them can add to the intimacy of the celebration. 


Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony Ideas

If your heart is set on having an outdoor wedding, there are things you can do to make your backyard the perfect venue.

Go big on your decorations

Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean you have to go small on decorations. On the contrary, this is a good time to go big! Think big flowers or lush gardens. It’s a good way to fill the space and transform your backyard into something romantic and magical. And also a way to support your local florist.

Make use of your plants

Did you start a gardening hobby in the midst of self-isolating? Well, your wedding day is a good time to show off your plant babies! Both indoor and outdoor plants make wonderful decorative pieces. 

Cocktail hour

Serving dinner to a smaller group of people should be easier but if setting up a small banquet in your backyard will complicate your schedule and budget, cocktails in the afternoon are a fabulous way to serve refreshments to your guests.


Post-Pandemic Wedding Entertainment

With traditional celebrations temporarily on hold, it may be difficult for you to figure out the kind of entertainment that would suit a small wedding. But we’re here to help you out! CW Productions’ musicians are not new to playing in smaller venues and intimate crowds. We’d be more than happy to show you the different ways our music can make your wedding memorable. 

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